Sunday, August 12, 2007

Outta MySpace !!! Finally!!!

Done with MySpace's blog system and back to where blogs rule....

I still have a MySpace site....actually I have two of them :o) But for blogging this is so much better!!!

This blog was fairly busy once upon a time. Back before e-Blogger became a part of the Google household. I wasn't happy with e-Blogger back then. I couldn't figure out how to upload pictures or master the code for adding links and the like in the sidebar. And if I did upload a picture, it took forever for it show up on my blog or if I made corrections to the body of my work, it might be 24 hours or more before e-Blogger updated. It was a mess. But things have improved. Google made it less challenging for those of us who are more than just a little technologically challenged. And I'm one of those, in a big way. So, I'm back. I always loved the name of this blog because it pretty well sums up who I am. I am a slipped stitch and I'm happy about it :o)

So, here's the deal. I managed to update the big site--I changed the name. Put a few new pictures up. The long range plans include adding new patterns, adding links to Youtube or QuickTime, with a few how to videos, and links to other sites with how to's. I don't see any sense in reinventing the wheel, Star Gazer and Crochet Central have fantastic links, good enough. (The videos came about as a means to teach my niece Sarah how to crochet!)

By way of an introduction, here's a little about me....My name is Suzi and I'm a crochet fanatic I love to crochet and knit. I enjoy spinning, quilting and sewing...afternoon tea with a good book or better, a good friend. I love my family, they are my touchstone, my anchor. I'm pretty simple most of the time. I live in a small town in Texas...Did I mention I'm a crochet fanatic?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Poor Neglected Blog....

It has been a while. I've been caught up in the daily grind of life---I've moved house and home, survived a graduation, managed to find a workable, though not perfect balance for work and home...And somewhere in there I found time to crochet a few odds and ends. Nothing to write home about for sure.

I've been teaching a few people how to crochet on the double or Crohook. You may have heard it also called Crochenit---there is a bit of diffrence. Has to do with the vertical and horizonal bar, Crochenit uses the vertical bar giving the fabric a nice garter stitch effect, Crohook uses the horizonal bar and gives the fabric a crocheted look that is even and thick. I think it's just a matter of preference. Either way you go, crocheting on the double creates such a nice piece of textured fabric. I love the overall effect for blankets, afghans, hats, scarves and baby booties, though I'm not exactly thrilled about it for sweaters and other garments. The ladies I'm working with all have some experience with crocheting, even if it's just making a chain :o) We're having a blast and staying busy. I think one might equate our little gathering to something akin to a quilting bee. We get everything and everybody pretty well talked about :o) Happiness is living in a small town!

I do have a little something to share....One of the ladies in the group noticed I keep a small rubber stopper on my crochet hook. It helps with my gauge as I have a tendency to let the thread or yarn slide further down the throat of the hook when I'm tired or stressed. The rubber stopper keeps everything even....It's not a big deal. I buy one of the Boyd rubber grips meant to help one hold a crochet hook more comfortably. I cut a small section off of the rubber grip and put it on my hook--making it a stopper, then I wrap a little bit of tape under the stopper and viola! No more odd stitches.

Regarding the pattern site...I have managed to get the baby bootie patterns tested and they should be ready to hit the web site...Now I remember why I slowed down making patterns...It takes so very long to write them out!!! Grrrr!!! Eh, nothing ventured, nothing gained....No pain no gain....And all of that other stuff meant to encourage us to solider on....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

06' Snowflake Pattern

Hello Again...

Tis done! The snowflake pattern is posted--Whew! While I was writing it out, I realized I haven't published a pattern in over a year. Not since the Type It To Me site went off into cyberville lullaby land. I'm still mad about that. Not sure If I'm mad because the powers that be pulled the plug on that site out of nowhere or mad at me because I failed to back up so many patterns and pictures! I did learn a lesson, I back up everything now...I'm not leaving anything to chance. I don't care who's in charge of the plug---MySpace, Google...whatever. I'm not about to lose my stuff again!

I think I finally got the hang of making the pattern switch over to the other site. This is my current snowflake.

Viola! My Merry Christmas to my family and friends this year. I took some time and space on the pattern blog to add in all the steps in making a snowflake from start to finish. I never realize how much time a project takes from start to finish until I begin writing it all out! There was a weird shift in font..Not sure what's that all about, but I'll worry about that later...After some Tylenol and Earl Grey tea....Anyway...You can find the pattern here...Enjoy!

Ta All....